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How Spendwise helps Airport Van Rental stay on top of spending

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Airport Van Rental (AVR) is an industry leader in van rentals, providing short and long-term rentals for road trips, weekend journeys, moving, and any other group outings. 

AVR was using paper, MS Excel and email to manage its spending, which was time consuming, prone to error and made it difficult to see what was being spent on a day-to-day basis.  With over forty years of industry experience, the company’s Corporate Fleet Manager, Marc Whaley, knew there was a better way and after searching for a solution found Spendwise.  

Since implementing Spendwise, AVR has been able to speed up its purchasing processes, improve accuracy by 95% and has gained real-time visibility into its spending which has led to better decisions.



Company Size

201-500 employees


Los Angeles, CA


Key Outcomes


More Accurate




Processing Time

The Challenges


Before using Spendwise, AVR was using paper, MS Excel and email to manage spending on repairs, maintenance and other goods and services for its fleet.  

This manual approach was cumbersome, labor intensive and prone to error.  It also made it nearly impossible to see what was being spent on a day-to-day basis.  

As the company grew, it became increasingly difficult to manage spending this way.


Why Airport Van Rental chose Spendwise


With over forty years of prior experience in the industry, the company’s Corporate Fleet Manager, Marc Whaley, had seen the benefits of automation and made a big push for the company to adopt an electronic spend management system.  

As part of the decision-making process, the company looked into systems that Marc had used before but decided that they needed something that was more affordable and less complicated.

After searching for alternatives, Marc found Spendwise and discovered that it was just what the company needed. 

The Results


Greater visibility


Prior to Spendwise, there wasn’t really any way to see how much was being spent compared to the budget until it was too late to do anything about it.  With Spendwise, it’s easy to see how you are doing in real time so you can make better decisions.  

“Before Spendwise, it was a nightmare trying to balance a budget when I didn’t know what was being spent on a day-to-day basis.  Now I can see where the money is being spent whenever I need.”

– Marc Whaley, Corporate Fleet Manager

Faster processing


Spendwise has saved the company a lot of time by making it easier to process purchase requests and purchase orders.  

Marc explains: “The manual process we had before was very cumbersome, labor intensive and time consuming.  Spendwise makes it easy to process purchases and saves me a lot of time.”

Increased accuracy


By implementing Spendwise, the company was able to improve accuracy by 95%.

“Spendwise makes it easier to avoid and catch mistakes which has helped us maintain more accurate accounting…it’s 95% better than it was before.”

– Marc Whaley, Corporate Fleet Manager

Discover how Spendwise can help you stay on top of budgets!

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